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Ways Of Acquiring Turkish Citizenship

by cevher on Şubat 8, 2021

Ways Of Acquiring Turkish Citizenship

With the new regulation, the real estate sector is expected to revive. In Turkey, foreigners who invest at least $ 1 million in real estate or who bought at least $ 2 million in investment will be granted the right to gain Turkish citizenship.

The fastest way to gain citizenship in Turkey is to make an investment in Turkey. According to the amendment to the law enforcement regulations published in Turkish Official Newspaper;

– foreigners who buy a real estate that worth at least 1 million dollars on the condition that it does not sell for 3 years,

-foreigners who make a fixed capital investment of at least 2 million dollars,

– foreigners who open a deposit account in banks operating in Turkey with at least $3 million and this money in the bank are not allowed to be withdrawn at least 3 years,

– foreigners operating a business in Turkey certifying that the site employs at least 100 people,

can be Turkish citizens directly.


How to Acquire Turkish Citizenship?

Republic of Turkey citizenship can be gained in two ways; “by birth” and “after birth’’. Those who want to acquire citizenship later are expected to fulfill certain conditions. After these conditions are fulfilled, Turkish citizenship can be gained by the approval of the Council of the Republic of Turkey. The most obvious of these conditions is the continuous residence in Turkey for at least 5 years. The easiest way of getting a residence permit is to purchase a real estate in Turkey. , foreigners buy real estate anywhere in Turkey or at ​​any amount can receive a residence permit.


What Awaits the Construction Sector After the New Regulation?

The number of foreigners who buy real estate in Turkey in recent years has significantly increased. Living conditions Turkey is a country with a preferred climate and natural beauty. For this reason, every year is increasing the number of foreigners who want to invest in Turkey. If we consider that the property is valued in Turkey every year without any depreciation, the investment will always be profitable here. The construction sector, which produces a variety of houses that can meet all needs, seems to please foreign investors.


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