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Turkish Citizenship



Turkish citizenship is primarily a type of citizenship that is acquired by birth and can be acquired later under certain conditions.

In our country, the right to be a citizen are given to the investors on the condition of having the conditions determined by the Law on Citizenship No:5901 and The Implementation Regulations, and carrying out the prosedure in accodance with the legislation.

With the regulations numbered 106 and dated 19.09.2018 the monetary limit on the condition of buying investment/real estate has been rearranged. It has been stated that foreign investors who buy real estate such as housing, office, plot etc. with a value of 250.000 USD and guarantee not to sell for 3 years may acquire Turkish citizenship.

In this case, the right to citizenship will also include wife/husband of applicant and dependent children who are under 18 years of age.

For foreign investors who will apply for exceptional citizenship by buying real estate ,routine applicaiton requirements such as residence and the ability to speak Turkish sufficiently will not be required.

In the terms of real estates to be bought, there are some restrictions such as not exceeding 30 hectares, not exceeding &10 of the area, where it is located, not having security zones and being used fort he purpose allocated and these issues should be taken into consideration in the selection of real estate.

As a result of changing facilitating legal regulations, from construction projects that have not yet reached to the stage of giving title deed. By paying at least 250.000 USD in advance, foreigners who have signed a pre-sale contract at the Turkish Notaries and who have registered the commitment that will be not transferred and cancelled for 3 years to the real estate land registry, can make an application for citizenship.

It is extremely important to carry out with the support of an expert legist that the stage of preparing and signing pre-sale contract to be signed at notary for the legal security of the real estate.

In all this process, in the terms of the determination of the real estate to be bought,its expertise, title deed prosedures, citizenship application and continuation processes; it will be beneficial that getting help from reliable experts for follow up the transactions and legal prosedüre in terms of completing the process smoothly.

Determining the most suitable real estate with the help of a real estate expert and determining the real market value of the real estate will ensure that the investment serves its true purpose.Examination of the land registry of real estate by the legal expert and determination of the problems that will cause loss of rights , if any, will ensure the legal security of the investment and eliminate all risks.

These determinations can be put in writing by the experts and prepared as Property Valution Report and Legal Due Diligence Report.

If requested; as a consultant, this whole process is carried out professionally from the beginning to the end, together with our law office within INVESTRONGER.

The ongoing process is followed by the determination and transfer of real estate, the preparation of citizenship application documents, contacts, notary documents and applicaiton. And at the end of the application, identification of the Republic of Turkey is being delivered.


         Foreigners who bought real estate in Turkey, except the right to citizenship, with the proviso that their real estate is housing, along with familiy members, for 1 year until application period completion, will be able to get a residence permit in Turkey.


  • Title deed information / photocopy
  • 2 passport photos of buyer and seller
  • The original ID card of the buyer and seller and 1 copy
  • Current dated ‘ no debt ‘ letter, that will be taken from the municipality, where the real estate is affiliated
  • Current dated ‘ the fair value of real estate ‘ letter, that will be taken from the municipality, where the real estate is affiliated
  • The original of power of attorney, if the title deed transactions will be carry out by Proxy

The transaction application is accepted in the morning, the transfer process is completed on the same day as long as there is no problem.


  • Application form
  • Passport or similar document showing which state citizen of the person, if there is no homeland, the relevant document if it is possible to obtain it.
  • A document such as a birth certificate or identity register copy showing the identity of the person, and if married, a birth certificate or similar document proving the family ties of wife/husband and children
  • Civil status certificate. If married, marriage certificate. If divorced, certificate proving the divorce. If widowed, the death certificate of wife/husband.
  • If there are Turkish citizen first or second degree relatives, the identity register copy of these people taken from the systems by the application authorities
  • If there is a final court desicion about any crime, a certified copy
  • Title deed showing that the house belongs to the person or a preliminary contract for real estate issued in a notary
  • Health report
  • Application fee receipt


  • Residence Permit Application Form
  • Original or photocopy of passport or valid document
  • A declaration of sufficient and regular financial means during the stay. The administration may request supporting documents.
  • Health incurance
  • Title deed showing that the house belongs to the person or a preliminary contract for real estate


  • If in the country, to the Provincial Governership of Residence (Provincial Directorate of Population and Citizenship)
  • If abroad, to Embassies and Consulates of the Republic of Turkey, it is done personally or with a special power of attorney regarding the exercise of this right.


  • Is it necessary to reside in Turkey, during or after application?

During the application process, the foreign applicant doesn’t need to be in Turkey. After admission to citizenship in Turkey, there is no residency requirement.

  • Do application and follow-up prosedure need to be done by applicant personally?

The application prosedures and follow-up can be done by applicant personally or by a proxy authority.Legislation of the Republic of Turkey allows multiple citizenship.

  • How long does the naturalization process take?

The process can take up to 6 months after the citizenship aplication is made with all the documents ready.

  • In case of naturalization, will military service be done?

People over the age of 22 are exempt from military service on the date of receipt to the citizenship of the Republic of Turkey.

In line with the agreements made with some countries, if the citizen of these countries document that they have fulfilled their military service in one of the countries of which they are citizens, they don’t have to do military service in the new country of their citizenship.

If the person with dual citizenship haven’t completed his military service in both countries, may postpone his military service in Turkey up to age 38.

  • What is pre-sale contract?

This contract is the contract signed by the parties before the notary regarding the sale, price and payment of the real estate. With this contract, the terms of buy and sale become spesific fort he parties.

This contract is made in cases, where it is not possible to transfer the property to be sold at the land registry office, and it is a commitment to maket he sale transaction.

  • What are the payments made during the citizenship application process?

The application fee paid at the application stage varies every year and it is extremely small. The fee is paid seperately fort he wife/husband and children included in the application, in addition to the applicant.

The documents to be submitted during the application will be notarized and there will be small notary fe efort the approval.