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Turkish Citizenship by Property Investment

by cevher on Eylül 14, 2020
Turkish Citizenship by Property Investment

What are the Basic Conditions of Being a Turkish Citizen with Property Investment?

The most basic condition for obtaining Turkish citizenship property Investment is the complete and duly delivery of the documents requested by the Turkish state institutions. Even if there is only one missing document, the application will result in a negative result. Consulting our teammates who are experts in these matters will speed up your transactions and possibly result in a positive result. You will have received our support on the provision of the necessary documents and will be providing both be shared with you the most profitable investment instruments that are suitable for naturalization process in Turkey.

What Are The Investment Methods Required To Become A Citizen?

There are 6 different methods of Turkish citizenship property Investment. It is possible to list them as follows:

  1. You must purchase immovable in the amount of US $ 250,000 or its equivalent in Turkish lira and a document must be issued that this immovable property will not be sold for at least 3 years.
  2. The requirement to invest in government debt instruments with a minimum of USD 500,000 or its equivalent in Turkish lira and to inform the treasury and finance ministry that this will not be returned for at least 3 years.
  3. With Turkish citizenship property Investment A minimum of 500,000 dollars or equivalent Turkish lira to be deposited in Turkish banks must be notified to the banking supervisory and regulatory board by guaranteeing that it will not be withdrawn for at least 3 years.
  4. Real estate investment fund participation shares with a minimum value of USD 500,000 or its equivalent must be obtained. Or the requirement to notify the Capital Markets Board that the venture capital investment fund participation shares have been purchased for at least three years.
  5. Investors should provide jobs for at least 50 people in Turkey.
  6. Fixed capital investment of 500,000 dollars must be made.

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