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Turkey Citizenship 250.000$

by cevher on Şubat 8, 2021

Why is it becoming popular to gain Turkey Citizenship By Real Estate Investment? Let’s try to understand advantages of Turkey and being a real part of it.

Beautiful Nature

Having near 800.000 km2 land Turkey is offering various climate options and rich attractions all over the country. It is one of the countries that swimming and skiing can be experinced at the same time of the year. It has 4 different seas and many water resources. Turkey is the sixth most popular touristic destination in the world. People enjoy a deep historical feeling as well with many ancient points.


Turkish government made it easy to gain Turkey Citizenship By Real Estate Investment and in 2018 lowered real estate amount to 250.000 USD. It used to be 1 million USD. The property should not be sold within 3 years. Application process is normally completed in 45 days. Investors have the equal rights with Turkish citizens as well as their spouse and children aged under 18. As Turkey is one of the leading countries in the construction sector in the world, locally there has been a huge improvement in buildings and it offers many building alternatives in its 81 cities with fresh point of view. People like to invest in construction in Turkey and this keeps the sector alive. In some cities returning time of the investment is 13 years. Considering the investment will add up to its value, this time can be even shorter. Cities such as Istanbul, Antalya and Bursa are some preferred locations. In may cities alternatives are easily found appropriate for different budgets. There are many real estate experts available all over the country but of course choosing trustworthy and experienced experts will make the investment safe and useful while gaining Turkey Citizenship By Real Estate Investment.


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