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How To Become A Turkish Citizen?

by cevher on Eylül 14, 2020
How To Become A Turkish Citizen?

Before giving information about Turkey citizenship by investment, it is useful to inform about how to become a Turkish citizen in general. Before granting Turkish citizenship through investment, it was possible to become a Turkish citizen in 2 ways.

These were as follows:

  1. By birth: If the mother or father of the babies born Turkish citizen within the borders of Turkey, babies automatically become Turkish citizens. In addition, orphans automatically become Turkish citizens.
  2. Citizenship subsequently acquired: After the citizenship application, continuously for 5 years it needs to reside in Turkey. decided to settle in Turkey it should be given to prove. A foreigner who is adopted by a Turkish citizen can acquire Turkish citizenship provided that he is under the age of 18. A foreign national who marries a Turkish citizen and has been married for 3 years can apply for Turkish citizenship. It is ensured that foreign athletes can acquire Turkish citizenship, provided that they serve the national team. Turkish citizenship from those who left voluntarily, if they have continued to live in Turkey for 3 years, can  be admitted to citizenship.

How To Become A Turkish Citizen by İnvestment?

In 2018, the regulation on the implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law was amended and it became possible to become a Turkey citizen by  investment. $ 250,000 invested in Turkey, purchased the property, or who declares the contract by a notary, they can be a Turkish citizen. If one of the following 6 different methods is chosen, the right to become a Turkish citizen through investment is gained.

These methods are :

  1. Real estate for a minimum of $ 250,000 must be purchased and guaranteed that it will not be sold for at least 3 years,
  2. A capital investment of a minimum of $ 500,000 is required,
  3. Minimum deposit is $ 500,000, you will need to deposit to banks operating in Turkey on condition that at least three years to get back.
  4. To give job opportunities to at least 50 people.

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